Vision, Mission, & Values

Each Day, We Live by our Company Values, through our Actions and Leadership

Vision Statement

Mary-am Group’s vision is to be an industry leader in every business venture and to build customer and stakeholder value.

Our organization aspires to change the way you think about the service industry. Superior customer service, innovation through collaboration, and always striving for excellence and quality will give you the best experience.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mary-am Group is to provide excellence and quality through innovation, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach. We live by this everyday, engaging with diversity, utilizing technology,and innovation through collaboration in order to excel industry standards. Maryam-Group transcends multiple industries. This allows our organization to utilize best practices from multiple industries to be creative in the way we approach meeting our goals, mission, and values.


Mary-am Group’s values drive our actions and leadership. They reflect what is significant to our company and inspires our employees to perform meaningful work. Each day, we live by our company values through the acronym CARE:

  • Celebrate Diversity. Given Canada’s multicultural community, we pride ourselves on servicing a diverse range of customers. Our hiring policies also reflect our strong belief in diversity. We hire employees who speak multiple languages and come from different backgrounds to build long-term customer relations.

  • Always Advancing. Our forward-thinking approach and  focus on innovation ensures that Mary-am Group continually enhances its services. Our Company focuses on utilizing technology, best practices, and new business development opportunities to provide excellent customer service. Two-way communication with customers and listening to their feedback further helps Mary-am Group improve its services.

  • Respect for the Environment. Mary-am Group is a 90% paperless work environment. We are committed to a greener tomorrow. We respect the environment by acknowledging the short- and long-term impacts of our activities on the environment. Mary-am Group ensures sustainability and effectiveness by reducing its carbon footprint and engaging in green activities.

  • Employee Collaboration. Our employees make a direct impact on the Mary-am Group through open communication. This collaborative work culture allows employees to voice their opinions in a supportive environment. In addition, collaboration allows our employees to be innovative in their thinking which, in turn, allows the Company to develop new business ideas.

  • Excellence and Quality. We  are committed to excellence and quality in everything we do. At Mary-am Group, our employees work tirelessly to deliver superior results that surpass our customers expectations. We value our customer’s needs and are committed to establishing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Mary-am Suites

Mary-am Suites Canada

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Mary-am Hotel

Mary-am Hotel Canada

Triple diamond rated boutique hotel located in North York, Ontario offering short-term accommodations for business and leisure travelers. Each room features updated amenities for convenience and comfort.

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